End of Term Reports - Class 1 Stingrays

Stingrays Term 1 

Week 1 

This week has been our first week at school! We have split into 2 groups and have done 2 days each. This will continue over the next couple of weeks to help us to settle in and get to know the staff and school environments.

We have loved exploring our new outdoor area and all the fantastic equipment in it. We have especially loved the ‘Get Set Go’ blocks and have been using our gross motor skills to move the blocks and travel and balance across them. We are slowly getting used to our routines such as snack, lunchtime and circle times and we will build on this in the coming weeks.

The staff have been really impressed with how well we are adapting to our new school and we are really enjoying getting to know them.

Roll on week 2! 

Week 2 

We have completed our second week at school and we are settling in really well

We had our first visit to soft play and we all had a fantastic time! We used the equipment really well, looking out for others and making sure it was safe to jump into the ball pit! Some of us struggled to climb up the steps to the top of the slide so we’ll keep practising!

We have also explored different sensory trays so that the adults could work out what we liked and didn’t like. We could choose from dry pasta, cotton wool, hair gel and shaving foam.

On Friday the school celebrated Roald Dahl Day and Coral Reef became Charlie’s Chocolate Factory! We have enjoyed engaging in lots of chocolate themed play including chocolate writing, requesting and tasting chocolates and chocolate biscuits using PECS and creating our own sweet inventions using playdough. Another busy week!

 Week 3 

This is our final week coming into school part time. Next week we will all meet each other in the different groups and will continue settling in and getting to know each other.

This week we have enjoyed making sandwiches, requesting our chosen spreads using PECS. Our objective was to use a knife effectively to spread and cut. We did really well with this, though some of us were not keen on sandwich making and opted to use a knife to cut playdough instead!

We have enjoyed continuing our theme of using our hands and some of us have had a go at using pegs and clipping them onto objects by squeezing.

We are continuing to settle in well and are getting on brilliantly with our routines around lunchtime and snack time. We all like healthy foods too which is great!

We are looking forward to starting all again in Week 4 when all of the children in Stingrays will be in together!

Week 4 

What a fantastic week we have had! This was our first week as a whole class and it has gone very well. We have met each other and have started to get to know each other gradually, playing and learning alongside each other.

We are improving our ability to follow class routines and this week we have introduced ‘Dough Disco’ which we are all enjoying and getting to know the actions. We are using our schedules and slowly getting confident to use these with support.

We visited the school garden for the first time and loved exploring and finding pathways through the shrubs and undergrowth as well as finding long sticks and having turns on the tree swings. We had a super transition to the garden; the staff were so impressed!

We have also enjoyed a fair bit of rain this week involving plenty of puddle jumping on the playgrounds! We didn’t mind one bit! 

 Week 5 

Our second whole week in school as one class and we are really getting into the swing of things.

We have been so impressed by how the children have managing our eating routines – lunchtime is particularly impressive with everyone managing to sit down and eat the majority of their lunch with little support.

This week we have carried out some number assessments as well as a focus on counting subtraction songs – a particular favourite has been ‘Five Little Ducks’ complete with lots of splashing in the water tray with plastic ducks!

We also joined together for a whole class PE this week as opposed to 2 groups and this worked well. We enjoyed playing ‘traffic lights’ as our warm up and we are getting better at following the instruction to stop, walk or run according to the colour light. We continue to enjoy parachute games too.

We also had fun making fruit smoothies this week. Although most of us didn’t try our smoothie we certainly enjoyed preparing it and using the noisy blender!

 Week 6 

This week we have had a focus on ‘The Gingerbread Man’. We have enjoyed a sensory story, completed some maths challenges and decorated our own gingerbread man, following instructions from an adult. Some of us have loved having ginger scented playdough available during the week and we have used our fine motor skills to add sequins and dried beans to decorate them.

It has also been ‘Libraries Week’ this week and we have taken part in visits to the library, which we all found quite exciting! We loved the furniture and the dens and did some reading – next time we visit hopefully we’ll be able to enjoy more stories!

In PE this week we have really grasped the traffic lights game and used our gross motor skills in different ways to tackle some physical challenges including an obstacle course, agility ladders, hoops and beanbags and trampettes.

 Week 7 

This week we have enjoyed celebrating Diwali and have had a go at tasting some Indian food. We also loved listening and dancing to Indian music. 

We have been continuing to practice writing our names and developing our early writing skills. Also this week we had fun choosing activities in a maths themed carousel, where we could choose from interactive counting games on the IWB, lolly stick shape construction, printing numicon shapes into playdough, large coin play and number writing/shape drawing on Writing Wizard on the iPads.

We have also started to focus on the festivals of Harvest and Halloween and have had great fun requesting a 2D shape to be cut out of a pumpkin!