End of Term Reports - Class 5 Jellyfish

Jellyfish Term 1

This term in Jellyfish class, the children have been learning new routines, getting used to being in a new classroom and exploring the resources available within the room. They have worked hard to build friendships with their class friends and have been using the names of adults and peers. The children have worked hard on communicating in appropriate ways and have been able to ask for ‘more’ and ‘help’.  We have also worked hard to transition in and around school calmly. During bucket group sessions and collaborative sessions with Octopus class we have explored different sensory materials and been able to express or likes and dislikes of these.


In literacy we have been mark making using pens, water, paint and other sensory materials. We have identified some Phase 2 and Phase 3 sounds which has supported our reading and writing. We have shared books during daily visits to the school library, taking care with the books, turning pages, following text with our fingers and discussing what has happened – even starting to relate this to our own experiences.


In maths we have explored number in a variety of ways. We have been counting, singing number songs and adding numbers together using objects and number lines. We have also explored shapes – drawing round them, naming them and manipulating 3D shapes into sorters.

What a great start to the school year! Well done Jellyfish class.