Parent Support Adviser

Helen Leppard

My name is Helen Leppard and  I am the Parent/Carer Support Adviser for The Chalet School.

I have worked in childcare for 24 years, child minding, in nurseries, schools and children’s centres. I have learnt a lot on the many courses that I have attended over the years (and qualifications gained), although every day I learn something new! Before joining The Chalet School I also worked in Swindon Children’s Centres supporting children and their families. This was working with the families and working in partnership with many professionals to support the children's needs.  Children with special educational needs are close to my heart.  

 role is to work directly with parents, carers and their families. Working together we can support the child in being able to overcome any difficulties that may affect their learning, their well-being and the well-being of others.  Concerns could be related to social, emotional, learning, health or any behavioural issues. I can help to implement plans/actions to resolve the situation by working closely with the school staff, the child, parents and multi-agency professionals.  By doing this the child can make progress and achieve his or her full potential and enjoy coming to school.

 My aim is to promote and support positive relationships between home and school.

I can help by working within a multi-agency team to ensure every child is fully supported by their Statement of SEN (Special Educational Needs) or Education and Health Care Plan (EHCP).

I can provide information to parents/carers about:

  • Future options and provision
  • Benefits (including filling in forms)
  • Funding
  • Signposting to support networks i.e. Social Workers, charities, out of school groups, parent/carer support groups etc.

I arrange meetings and events for parents/carers to get together to discuss any issues they may be experiencing with their child. Usually another parent has been through the same thing and can offer advice and ideas/strategies which might help.  At some of our meetings, outside speakers will be invited to speak about topics you request e.g. toileting, sleep, diet, challenging behaviour etc.  There will also be opportunities to learn about and put into practice some of the strategies we use in school to enable the children to engage with learning/adult-directed tasks and activities.

Please do not hesitate to contact me regarding any queries you may have or if you just need someone to talk things through with.  I will deal with all your queries respectfully and in a confidential manner.  I am available within school hours, via the main office number 01793 534537 or you can email