Working in Partnership

In partnership with parents and carers, we will teach our children the skills they need so they can lead fulfilling, healthy and happy lives  in a world not designed with them in mind.  We work in partnership with parents/carers and multi-agency staff to enable our pupils to achieve the following, by the time they leave us when they are 11.

  • Communicate effectively & independently with PECS, Signalong and/or speech.
  • Make choices & know what they like/don't like & can make this clear to others.
  • Read for meaning.
  • Write name, address, post code & telephone number.
  • Answer simple questions e.g. where do you live?
  • Make a phone call, especially an emergency call & understand when this might be necessary.
  • Read & understand time/quantities/number/measure & be able to follow a simple recipe.
  • Understand money in the sense of finding the right amount to buy their shopping/calculate the right change.
  • Follow a simple schedule or list e.g. shopping list/personal care schedule/Social Story.
  • Moderate own behaviour/response to sensory issues.
  • Recognise when they need to calm down & how to achieve this.
  • Enjoy a healthy life style/broad diet/exercise.
  • Stay safe.
  • Respond correctly to "stop".
  • Swim 25 metres/ride a bike independently.
  • Be independent in personal care (dressing/undressing/washing/cleaning teeth etc.).
  • Enjoy a sense of well-being/self-esteem.
  • Enjoy a variety of interests/make use of leisure skills e.g. swimming/using a library, going to a gym/travelling on public transport/gardening.
  • Demonstrate at least basic social skills e.g. please/thank you/waiting/taking turns/working alongside others.
  • Make own drinks/snack/keep tidy/organise own belongings etc.
  • Use IT safely, for work & leisure e.g. write a letter/surf the internet.
  • Be accepted, respected & valued in the community.

Parents can provide Ofsted with a view of our school by completing a parent view questionnaire at the following website -